Each  MSC/MSP unit is configured from the factory to meet  the customer's requirements, which are specified upon ordering.  The MSC/MSP may be configured in the field by a user at any time via their personal computer or handheld personal computer.  In-field configuration is performed with SensorPulse's  "Windows" based software, SigFlex, and  MSF Configuration Cable (sold separately). SensorPulse's MSF Configuration Cable interfaces the MSC unit and the user's RS-232C comm port. 

SensorPulse's Configuration software includes a window-type program by which the operator can easily enter their desired configuration data.  Once the data is input to the various fields presented in the configuration software, it is downloaded into the unit within seconds.  The SigFlex software is as easy as "Point & Click". 

See the SigFlex Electronic Help File for specific configuration instructions for each unit type.

The configuration parameters are illustrated in the "Configuration Scheme" of the Software.

 It is possible, in the same phase, to program the "zero" and "full scale" values.

The maximum accuracy calibration of the device is made automatically, without the need of any mechanical regulation.

The device can be reconfigured and reprogrammed any number of times. Configuration can be completed when the device is operating in the plant or in the field.  Normal operation will momentarily be interrupted, which will restart automatically after the configuration process is complete.

The complete configuration utility package, which includes the calibration cable and software, is supplied by SensorPulse at an economical price.

Click here to view the SignalFlex Electronic Help File

Click here to download the FREE SignalFlex for MSC and MSP Families,  Revision 1999.5*

*The Configuration Cable is sold separately




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